Peel York Office

Peel Office
71 West Drive, Unit 23 Brampton, ON L6T 5E2

York Office
350 Industrial Parkway S Aurora, ON, L4G 3V7


Shari Lynn Ladanchuk

President & CEO

EXT. 230

Program Staff

Andrew Hunter

Game On! & Go Girls! Caseworker

EXT. 326

Cheyon Gnaneswaran

Conversation Club Caseworker (P/T)

Dana Alnahhar

Conversation Club Caseworker (P/T)

Dominica Hannaford

BCAC Mentoring Caseworker

EXT. 222

Harkiran Bhogal

Teen Mentoring Caseworker

EXT. 252

Jeffrey Saah

BCAC School-Based Caseworker

EXT. 215

Jennifer Dalziel

One-to-One Caseworker

EXT. 217

Joanna Pereira

Program Manager

EXT. 220

Katie Lowes

Director of Service Delivery & Partnerships

EXT. 314

Kyrel Thompson

BCAC School-Based Mentoring Caseworker

EXT. 272

Leslie Martins

In-School Mentoring Caseworker

EXT. 226

Lonni Meisner

In-School Mentoring Caseworker

EXT. 251

Melissa Brown

Family Enrolment Caseworker

EXT. 219

Michael Donia

Game On Caseworker

EXT. 266

Natai Kirnon

Office Administration & Enrolment Coordinator

EXT. 265

Raheem Hurry

Group Mentoring Caseworker

EXT. 245

Sara Congiusti

Program Integration Specialist

EXT. 312

Saran Archer

One-to-One Caseworker

EXT. 328

Sophie Mercer

In-School Mentoring Caseworker

EXT. 327

Sosun Mubbashar

Go Girls Caseworker

EXT. 212

Sue Kowalchuk

Program Manager

EXT. 224

Tara Paterson

One-to-One Caseworker

EXT. 221

Tyler Dunlop

Group Mentoring Caseworker

EXT. 218

Development Staff

Erin Dale

Community Engagement Specialist

EXT. 235

Geraldine Cabral

Fundraising Event Lead

EXT. 223

Jennalee Bryan

Fund Development Specialist

EXT. 306

Lori Plati

Public Relations Manager

EXT. 227

Panveer Lachhar

Director of Development

EXT. 228


Bindu Dhillon

Director of Finance & Operations

EXT. 231

Tenzin Thinlay

Accounts Payable/Office Coordinator

EXT. 264