Celebrating the Unification of. . .



Celebrating the Unification of. . .

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel and Big Brothers Big Sisters of York!

We are excited to be working towards the unification of BBBS Peel and BBBS York, effective January 1, 2022. Our movement continues to see transformation and unifications across the country and as we focus on continuing to innovate, and develop sustainable models that allow us to reach more vulnerable youth than ever before our Board of Directors have made the decision to bring our two agencies together.

It has become profoundly clear, especially with the impact of Covid-19, that this unification will enable a heightened responsiveness to the needs of vulnerable children and youth, promote the sharing of best practices, increase innovation, and ensure sustainable growth and impact for the long term. This unification will allow us to be more effective and efficient in ensuring children and youth have the essential mentoring impact to affect their trajectory of success.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking forward to continuing to work together with our valued volunteers, families, donors, partners and supporters in the years to come to help ensure the young people in our community have the mentors the need to excel.