The BYSSI Mentoring Program to support Black Youth aged 12 – 18



The BYSSI Mentoring Program

To Support Black Youth Aged 12–18

Our thanks to the Government of Canada – Department of Canadian Heritage who has invested $70,000 into Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel York (BBBSPY) and Black Youth Success (BYS) for the Black Youth School Success Initiative (BYSSI) Mentoring Program. The BYSSI Mentoring Program is designed to empower and support Black youth in Peel Region aged 12 – 18 through culturally-specific one-on-one mentorship. A special thank you to MP Shafqat Ali – Brampton Centre who announced the funding on August 23 on behalf of Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion.

Youth participants in this program will benefit from the guidance, support, and role modelling that adults who share their lived experiences will offer. This mentoring program is unique because it combines the essential practices when working with Black youth developed by a Black-led organization with the best practices of formal mentoring programs. BYSSI Mentoring Program seeks to empower and support Black youth aged 12–18 in the Peel Region. The BYSSI Mentoring Program will educate Black youth about their histories and Black leadership, strengthen their cultural identities, develop leadership skills, ensure preparedness for post-secondary ventures, and enhance the sense of community belonging. A unique and critical aspect of the way this program is designed is that it is led by Black mentors. This ensures that Black youth are mentored by people who understand their lived experiences, trauma, and struggles with cultural identity and systemic discrimination

The Black Youth School Success Initiative Mentoring Program is an 8-month project. During this time the Mentoring Program will be designed and implemented collaboratively by Big Brothers Big Sisters Peel York and Black Youth Success. Volunteer mentors will be recruited, screened, and trained and foster mentoring relationships with a group of approximately 10-15 Black youth. Group activities focused on identity and skill development and trainings on Anti-Black racism will be conducted for not only youth members, but also staff and volunteers. The project will engage approximately 75 participants overall.

If you are interested in volunteering for this program please contact Emma Mauze at